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July sun + BC coast = summer

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Sunset bike ride with a pause to glimpse views through spoke silhouettes, dusk and walkers caught in the lens. A bit farther along, a couple of our family’s ‘best friends’ waiting.

‘Best friends’ take a beachside break while dad plays frisbee and the strollers stroll by. They are too cute for words. This creative coast art blog has expanded a bit to include all sorts of cool stuff that we see around the shore on the waters near the ocean and sometimes inland. 

THE ROUNDHOUSE is really a train house where westward bound steam train engines were rotated before heading east. It was the only choice as the ocean waters in False Creek lap upon shores just outside in Vancouver’s Yaletown. Now it serves as community arts and civic-recreation centre, hosts diverse events and exhibits…. below is photo of oldtimer steam engine housed in showroom.

374 taking life easy in the Roundhouse!

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